Seizure Disorder and Epilepsy

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Clonus Seizures

Clonus seizures means rapidly alternating contraction and relaxation of a muscle -- in other words, repeated jerking.

The movements cannot be stopped by restraining or repositioning the arms or legs. Clonic seizures are rare, however. Much more common are tonic-clonic seizures, in which the jerking is preceded by stiffening (the "tonic" part).

Sometimes tonic-clonic seizures start with jerking alone. These are called clonic-tonic-clonic seizures.

Clonic seizures are not seen very often. They can occur at various ages, including in newborns. The EEG pattern will change during a seizure, so QEEG is very useful. A factor distinguishing clonic from tonic-clonic seizures is that clonic seizures are not followed by a period of tiredness or confusion; whereas Tonic-clonic seizures usually do.

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