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Atypical Absence Seizures

Absence Seizures are brief episodes of staring. During the seizure, awareness and responsiveness are impaired. People who have them usually don't realize when they've had one. There is no warning before a seizure, and the person is completely alert immediately afterward.

Atypical absence seizure is characterized as unique or different. The person will stare, like in absence seizure, but maybe somewhat responsive. Eye blinking or slight jerking movements of the lips may occur. This behavior can be hard to distinguish from the person's usual behavior, especially in those with cognitive impairment.

Unlike other absence seizures, these seizures usually cannot be produced by rapid breathing.

The diagnosis can be difficult if the behavior during seizures is similar to the child's usual behavior. The QEEG (electroencephalogram), which records brain waves, will be used, but most children with these seizures have patterns on their EEG when they're not having a seizure that are similar to the seizure pattern.

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