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Play Therapy

"Each child instinctively knows what many adults have long since forgotten, our differences are not something to be tolerated, they are something to be celebrated"
- Author Unknown -

Play therapy is used to treat children with social, emotional, and behavioral problems; including children on the autism spectrum.  As such, we believe parents are the most important and influential change agents in a child’s life.  Parents are asked to participate in the therapy process to learn to connect with their child in a way that will enable the child to overcome their problems. 

By being involved, parents and children begin to build strong relationships that will allow them to continue to overcome future obstacles together.  Parents are also given educational information to understand their child’s unique needs and development.

The goals of play therapy at BrainWise are as follows:

  1. Help children to identify and express their feelings.
  2. Give children an opportunity to express themselves to their parents.
  3. Teach children effective coping and problem solving skills.
  4. Increase the parents and child relationship by fostering trust and confidence in each other.
  5. To reduce poor coping skills and counterproductive behaviors.
  6. To help the family become united as they continue in their journey together.

We believe in a collaborative approach in working with all of our children and families.  We welcome the opportunity to work along side doctors, teachers, and other specialists involved in the child and family’s life.

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