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Couples Therapy

Being a strong, healthy, committed couple in today’s world is probably one of the most difficult things we do. Most couples think they have to do it by themselves. We don’t think that is true.

Couples who recognize that they need some help from time to time are much more likely to manage to maintain their commitment and grow in their mutual love and respect for one another. We are trained in couple’s therapy and are able to help couples find the connection and love that brought them together in the beginning.

At BrainWise we work with couples to develop relational skills that will help them to work through past hurts and to learn new ways of relating and interacting  with one another.  Through this process couples will develop empathy, compassion, and understanding for one another.  They will learn to listen to each other and respect each others needs and feelings.  They will gain a better understanding of themselves as a person and of their partner. While many find this process challenging and difficult, it could well bring about healing and create the kind of relationship we really desire and hope for.

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