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Causes of Conduct Disorder

Neurological Dysregulation

The high co-morbidity rate of Conduct Disorder with ADHD, Tourettes syndrome and other disorders known to be due to neurological dysregulation suggests that Conduct Disorder may be a co-manifestation of the same underlying dysregulation.

Although there are no studies to our knowledge, which have directly investigated the neurological basis for conduct disorder, there is ample clinical evidence indicating that when treating ADHD with Neurotherapy, and Nutrient supplementation, Conduct Disorder abates.

It appears that Neurotherapy may address the underlying dysregulation and facilitate clinical treatment using cognitive and behavioral interventions. More research is needed in this area to determine whether Neurotherapy is directly responsible for this abatement or whether the resultant improvement in attention and reduction in hyperactivity promotes better self image which in turn improves behavior.

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