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Causes of Conduct Disorder

There is evidence from research into causes of conduct disorders that indicates that several biological and environmental factors may contribute to the development of the disorder.

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Neurological Dysregulation

The high co-morbidity rate of Conduct Disorder with ADHD, Tourettes syndrome and other disorders known to be due to neurological dysregulation suggests that Conduct Disorder may be a co-manifestation of the same underlying dysregulation

Child Biological Factors

Considerable research has been carried out into the role of child temperament, the tendency to respond in predictable ways to events, as a predictor of conduct problems.

School-Related Factors

A bidirectional relationship exists between academic performance and conduct disorder.

Parent Psychological Factors

It is known that a child's risk of developing conduct disorder is increased in the event of parent psychopathology.

Familial Contributions

The inter-parental conflicts surrounding divorce have been associated with the development of conduct disorder

Psychophysiological and Genetic Influences

Studies have found that neurological abnormalities are inconsistently correlated with conduct disorder (Kazdin, 1987).

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