Bulimia Nervosa

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What are signs of Bulimia?

A person with bulimia may be thin, overweight, or normal weight. This makes it hard to know if someone has bulimia. But there are warning signs to look out for. Someone with bulimia may do extreme things to lose weight, such as:

  • using diet pills, or taking pills to urinate or have a bowel movement
  • going to the bathroom all the time after eating (to throw up)
  • exercising too much, even when hurt or tired

Someone with bulimia may show signs of throwing up, such as:

  • swollen cheeks or jaw area
  • rough skin on knuckles (if using fingers to make one throw up)
  • teeth that look clear
  • broken blood vessels in the eyes

Someone with bulimia often thinks she or he is fat, even if this is not true. The person might hate his or her body. Or worry a lot about gaining weight. Bulimia can cause someone to not seem like him or herself. The person might be moody or sad. Someone with bulimia might not want to go out with friends.

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    • There is no single known cause of bulimia. Some causes of bulimia include, culture, family, psychology and stressful life events or changes.
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