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Signs of Autism

Most children with autism are not diagnosed as being on the spectrum until about 18 months to 2.5 years old. This table is not intended to diagnose a child, if you have any concerns about autism please see your pediatrician.

  • Communication
    • Delayed Language
    • Failure to use nonverbal forms of communication to compensate for language delay
    • Failure to direct parents attention toward a shared object or event
  • Socialization
    • Failure to imitate simple adult movements
    • No reciprocal interaction
    • Lack of interest in social games
    • Lack of interest in other children
    • Avoid or limited eye contact
    • Repetitive and restricted play with particular toys
    • Does not use imaginative play with toys
  • Sensory
    • Sensitive to loud noises, certain sounds, textures
    • Limited diet
    • Balance issues
    • Extreme high or low tolerance of pain

Other Useful Links about Autism

  • Autism Overview
    • Autism is a neurological and developmental disorder that is associated with social, communication, sensory, behavioral and cognitive impairments, as well as restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, activities, or interests. Navigate to the Autism page for more information.
  • Autism Diagnostic Procedures
    • This link details a list of frequently used procedures to diagnose autism, including Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS), the Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (CHAT), and other screening tests.
  • Autism Therapy
    • Learn more about various therapies for autism; including play therapy, family therapy, neurofeedback and many more options.
  • Autism Treatments
    • Read more about various autism treatments, that include such things as integrative medicine approaches, diets, dietary supplements, and body work.
  • Rare Conditions with Autistic-Like Features
  • Additional Diagnosis Associated with Autism
  • Basic Neurology
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