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Below please read some tips for parent regarding teenage alcohol abuse
  • Make sure your children know the basic facts about drinking:
    • Drinking Alcohol can lead to
      • Slower reflexes
      • Distorted vision
      • Loss of coordination
      • Memory lapses and even blackouts
      • Poor judgment and lowered inhibitions
        • Which can lead to risky behaviors like:
          • Driving while drunk
          • Having unprotected sex;
        • Drinking large quantities of alcohol at one time or very rapidly can cause potentially fatal alcohol poisoning
        • It is illegal to possess or obtain alcohol under the age of 21. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
  • Before you begin a discussion with your teen about drinking, realize that teens drink for a number of reasons such as
    • Being bored
    • Wanting to celebrate
    • “Blowing off steam"
    • Looking for a way to escape daily challenges
    • Peer pressure
  • When discussing teen drinking, set boundaries and make your child aware of the personal consequences of drinking such as
    • Losing their place on a team
    • Hurting their chances for a scholarship
    • Losing driving privileges
    • Hurting or killing someone and have to live with the guilt. (MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
  • If you think your teenager isn’t drinking, think again.
    • More than 10 percent of eighth graders, 21 percent of sophomores and 28 percent of seniors report recent binge drinking. (Federal Trade Commission)
  • Help your child handle situations and resist peer pressure
    • When they are offered alcohol, many teens say they prefer quick “one-liners” to get around taking a drink, and avoid making a scene. Here are some sample comebacks to drink offers – from mild to assertive:
      • No thanks
      • I don’t feel like it- do you have any soda?
      • Alcohol’s NOT my thing.
      • Are you talking to me? Forget it.
      • Why do you keep pressuring me when I’ve said NO?
      • Back off!

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